Motorcycle Riding Resources

Watch motorcycle safety riding videos provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Download the Safety Rider Course Handbook and other resources.  Be sure to check out the websites that we recommend as well. Find motorcycle riding resources here at Florida Safe Rider.

Florida Safe Rider provides the training you need to become a confident safe rider.   Secure your motorcycle endorsement here by completing our Basic Rider Course.  For the experienced rider who wants to advance his/her skill level choose Florida Safe Rider’s Experienced Rider’s Course (ERC).


Rider’s Safety Tips

Fool’s Gear, Cool Gear – The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s “Fool’s Gear, Cool Gear” video, based on the iconic poster of the same name, communicates a serious message in an entertaining manner. Fun, informative and visually striking, the video takes viewers on a guided tour from head to toe, demonstrating that you can be safe as well as stylish when you ride. Download the PDF poster

Pretend You Are Invisible – Ken Glaser, MSF’s director of special projects, said “If you assume others on the road can’t see you on a motorcycle, you will tend to ride in a hyper-aware mindset and notice much more detail in your surroundings. Pretending you cannot be seen by others will help you take the initiative to ride more responsibly and defensively.”

Recommended Websites

MotoMark 1 Website

MotoMark1 Website

MotoMark1 is a 21st century professional level motorcycle training company.

Red Hills Powersports for your motorcycle needs

Red Hills Powersports

Florida Safe Rider highly recommends Red Hills Powersports.  They are Tallahassee’s one stop for your motorcycle needs. Check ‘m out.

Motolight Website

Motolight Website

Motolights® are motorcycle lights for use on virtually any type of bike. They’re easy to install, and come in a variety of mounting options, finishes and bulb types including halogens and LEDs.

Florida Safe Rider, Inc. is committed to helping you succeed in getting your motorcycle endorsement. Our Certified CoachRiders takes the fear out of learning. You will gain a deep understanding  and learn to ride safely and with confidence.